The United States of Captain America #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Christopher Cantwell and Mohale Mashigo

Art by Dale Eaglesham and Natacha Bustos

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson battle masked enemies as they journey through Pennsylvania. Nichelle Wright adjusts to her new life.

Steve Rogers travels through Gettysburg, PA and reminisces about a childhood field trip. Soon he meets up with Sam Wilson and the two discuss a new case. An investigation into a suspected member of the Captains Network leads them to the city of Harrisburg. There, they encounter two masked foes, and are forced into a deadly confrontation. Later, the duo must deal with a racist sheriff with an unsavory plan. Next, Steve and Sam meet Nichelle. After hearing her story, they release her from custody. The trio of Captain Americas then face-off against the same enemies as earlier. Afterwards, Nichelle turns down an unexpected offer from Steve and Sam. Elsewhere, the identity of the masked villains are revealed as they plan their next attack.

“Hometown Hero”
Nichelle’s encounter with Steve and Sam leaves her in a vulnerable position. After stopping a robbery leads to an injury, she is aided by someone unexpected. Nichelle is then reunited with family and friends who provide her with safe harbor. Later, she is contacted by the Captains Network.

The Story: The second chapter in this series focuses on a young activist working to end the water crisis in her community and protect its citizens from harm. This powerful episode works to engage the reader in a discussion on divisiveness in the U.S. I really appreciate the choice to highlight a real American city that is currently facing a devastating crisis. Choosing a young, college educated Black woman to champion her community is a bold choice. And I am glad the opportunity was taken to highlight the many challenges Black activists face, especially in their dealings with the police.

The Art: This visually pleasing issue features rich colors and attention to detail. The illustrations perfectly fit the tone of the stories. And the emphasis on character expression and form really emotionally connected me to the characters.

The United States of Captain America #2



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