The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #3

Image Comics

Written by Matt Fraction and David F Walker

Art by Steve Lieber and Matthew Clark

Colors by Daniela Miwa and Rebecca McConnell

Letters by Jodi Wynne

The Rundown: Two new tales follow the members of the Old Guard through history.

How To Make A Ghost Town

Andy returns to a small town where she lived with the man that she loved. After their violent past was over, they found a measure of peace until Andy’s secret made life more difficult for the both of them. When she returned years later, she discovers that ignorance and racism did what time couldn’t and she decides to pay the town one last visit.

Love Letters

Nicky finds himself covered in blood after a massacre of confederate soldiers in 1863. He’s found and nursed back to health by another regiment of confederates who take him in and make him a part of their group. In a letter that he writes to his love, he chronicles his time with the group and his musings as they relay who they are what they are fighting for. What they don’t know is that the man in their midst is hiding a deadly secret.

The Story: Matt Fraction crafts a brilliant and tragic story of love and revenge that is beautifully paced with an engaging and thought provoking narrative. The narration in the story is beautiful and engrossing. David F Walker spins a beautifully subversive story that was not only well told and entertaining, but had a brilliant twist ending that I wasn’t expecting and was pleasantly surprised by.

The Art: Lieber delivers some beautiful art throughout the first story that is detailed and eye catching. Clark brings the reader into the brutality of war through brilliant details and expressive characters.

The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #3



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