The Umbrella Academy 


Season 2 Episode 3

The Swedish Job

Truths are revealed as members of the Umbrella Academy start to come together.


The Swedes make their next move and their target is the most powerful member of the family, Vanya. After tracking her down to the farm she’s living on, they wait for her to leave. Unfortunately, they don’t have long to do so because Vanya decides to take a drive into the city and is ambushed by the Swedes. In a bid to protect herself, she unleashes her powers and hides in a local cornfield until Number 5 discovers her the next day.


At the same time, Klaus has a run in with Allison’s husband Ray and makes arrangements for him to be released. Luther finds out where Allison is living along with the fact that she’s married. Number 5 brings Vanya back to their makeshift base as Allison participates in a sit in at a local diner. When the situation gets dangerous for the protesters, Allison uses her powers to protect her husband. Diego is saved by Lila and the two get closer before she disappears in the middle of the night and pays a visit to a familiar face.


The family is starting to come together and the story is getting more interesting with each episode. The episode definitely has a more serious tone and that is mainly due to the subject matter, specifically the tension leading up to and the sit in itself. Those moments give a sense of reality to the fantastical moments that happen before it and I wish there was more context placed on them for Allison rather than having the rest of the family ignore them completely.

The Lila/Diego storyline is entertaining and the reveal at the end was genuinely surprising as a viewer. I didn’t expect it and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the rest of the season. As a means of bringing the characters together, it works really well. I hope it keeps this momentum going for the rest of the season.

The Umbrella Academy S02XE03




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