The Umbrella Academy


Season 1 Episode 9


Anyone who thought Vanya Hargreeves was ordinary is in for a rude awakening.


As several nannies can attest (at least the living ones), Vanya is anything but ordinary. Her violent outbursts at the mention of eating oatmeal send many a nanny flying, falling and crashing. That is until Grace shows up. Vanya tries the same tricks, but as we all know and she quickly finds out, you can’t murder a robot.


In the present, Vanya is dealing with the aftermath of her attack on Allison and Leonard/Harold is there to not only comfort her, but to also further separate her from her siblings.

Grace is working hard to stabilize Allison and everyone volunteers to give blood in a sweet moment that showcases that, despite all the dysfunction, they are still family. Klaus has a moment of weakness and wants to slide back into his addiction, but a physical intervention from Ben reveals a new power from Klaus.


Vanya discovers that Leonard has been manipulating her with deadly consequences. Hazel’s new friend Agnes runs into Cha-Cha. Hazel goes to the Academy to talk to 5 about the fact that he’s getting out of the game and leaves something behind that will help Diego. Allison wakes up and Pogo tells them the truth about Vanya’s powers. Luther makes a decision which alienates the siblings again and Vanya fully embraces her powers, pushes them to their limits and becomes someone completely different.


The end is approaching and this episode puts everything into perspective for the characters, especially Vanya. With (almost) all of the secrets finally out in the open, this episode allows the viewer to brace for what is shaping to be an epic conclusion.

The Umbrella Academy S01XE09




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