The Umbrella Academy


Season 1 Episode 8

I Heard A Rumor

Allison’s past is going to come back to haunt her in more ways than one in this episode.


We finally get to see the event that broke up Allison’s family when her daughter asks for a story and refuses to go to sleep. When Allison uses her powers to convince her daughter to go to sleep, her husband witnesses it.

In the present, Allison finds out where Leonard aka Harold Jenkins has taken Vanya and goes to find her. Not finding them, she heads back home.

Back at the Academy, a newly sober Klaus tries to tell Luther and 5 about his encounter with their dead father and they dismiss it until Pogo confirms it. Allison continues her investigation into Leonard when she discovers the scene of the attack that triggered Vanya’s powers. Leonard seeks to know more about Vanya’s powers as well and uses the journal he found to do so.


We learn that Sir Reginald has known about Vanya’s powers the entire time and created an elaborate fiction to keep Vanya in the dark, including treating her like she was nothing. Cha-Cha escapes and decides to go after Hazel and his girlfriend after she takes revenge on the Donut Shop. Vanya starts to learn the truth about her past and when Allison confronts her, she realizes the part her sister played in keeping her powers suppressed. Vanya lashes out and the results will change everything for the Hargreeves family.


This is the penultimate episode of the series. Everything is coming to a head. All of the secrets are being revealed and the pieces are falling into place about both the coming apocalypse and who caused it. This is a great episode from start to finish and every scene fills you with anticipation and dread of what comes next.

The Umbrella Academy S01XE08




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