The Twilight Zone

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Season 2 Episode 10

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A woman dealing with her unresolved feelings of loss finds herself passing out and missing time while also becoming obsessed with receiving an egg that promises to make everything alright.


Janet Warren is a typical suburban wife and mother. What’s not typical is how she seems to frequently hear a strange melody which causes her to pass out and wake up in her bed fully dressed with after images of a strange product called “The Egg” which everyone seems to want. Janet knows something is wrong and even tries to convince her neighbor and friend, but the desire for the Egg is too strong.

Janet is determined to find out what is happening to her and when she manages to prevent her own abduction, she finds herself face to face with the aliens responsible and learns the horrible truth about the Egg.


As a fan of The Twilight Zone, knowing that this episode would be connected with one of my favorite episode “To Serve Man” peaked my interest. The alien Kanamits were unique in their plan to conquer humanity by playing on our fears of the world we know. They ended hunger, disease and war and in the process made themselves loved by humanity. It wasn’t until later that it was discovered that the Kanamits were doing all those things to prepare us to be food. It was a wonderfully twisted episode with an ending that is still remembered today.


This episode throws all of that out in favor of making an indictment against consumer culture that is neither clever nor interesting. The characters are vapid caricatures with no depth and barely any intelligence and the Kanamits are wasted on a plan that is beyond ridiculous. I’m sure this episode attempts to be humorous, but it isn’t. It’s frustrating to the point of annoyance and I kept waiting for something to happen, especially in the third act.


Consumer culture and our rabid obsession with it can be an interesting concept to explore. Unfortunately, this episode fails across the board in tone, character and execution. It wastes the Kanamits as both characters and a threat and is as vapid in its examination of consumer culture as its lead character Janet.

The Twilight Zone S02XE10




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