Titans just wrapped its first season on DC Universe and of you stayed tuned in after the credits, you were treated with an epic reveal for season two.









The after credits begin with the words [SOMEWHERE IN METROPOLIS].

This is already interesting because the season finale was the first time we heard the name Superman mentioned in the series. Specifically, we’re told about Bruce’s strained relationship with the Man of Steel.


When the scene opens, there is a broken container and the words CADMUS engraved on the wall as security beacons go off and a figure is seen reaching for one of the scientist. When the figure goes to another room to release a dog with glowing red eyes, he steps back to reveal a Superman symbol tattooed on his shoulder. This can only mean that……

Conner Kent will be featured on the second season of Titans.


The Conner Kent version of Superboy is a clone of Superman mixed with Lex Luthor’s DNA. Developed by Cadmus and Luthor in the wake of the death of Superman, Conner was designed to be a virtual slave to organization. When he rebels and leaves the program, he eventually finds himself as a member of the Teen Titans.

Whether the Titans team is expanding next year with a new member or Conner appears as either a threat or a guest star like Donna Troy or Hawk and Dove remains to be seen.

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