The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Art by M.J. Erickson

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

After a hilariously self-aware prologue, a former reporter is looking for the story that will bring him back into the spotlight. A story that will bring him into the booze filled, supernatural world of Frank and Sadie Doyle.


Per usual, the Doyle’s are in their apartment. Not per usual, they are not alone. They happen to be entertaining their friends Donna and Dave Henderson. Their evening is interrupted by a young man looking for help with his haunted house. After some always witty banter, Frank and Sadie decide to help. The Doyle’s decide to investigate the young man’s claims and their presence in his home sets off a chain of events that the pair and their friends might not be prepared for. That and the ghost goes after the liquor.

Acker and Blacker have consistently told great stories with these characters and this time is no different. The cadence in which they speak to each other and others is refreshing and fresh. It’s offers some great one-liners and laughs. It’s hard not to hear the voices of Paget Brewster and Paul F Thompkins when you read this story and that only enhanced my enjoyment of it.I laughed out loud at the quick-witted banter between Frank and Sadie and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Erickson’s art has great visual style. It is reminiscent of animation in how the angles seem to simulate movement and the detail in the facial expressions is great. There wasn’t a lot of action in this issue and there didn’t need to be. The dialogue is what drives this story and the art is great at complementing that with clean lines and details. I really enjoyed how the characters were rendered. Great look for a great book.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1




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