The Silver Coin #15

Image Comics

Written by Michael Walsh

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Toni Marie Griffin and Michael Walsh

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: A firefighter finally frees himself from the shackles of normalcy when he finds the Silver Coin. 

Louis finds himself being called to the Silver Coin during the aftermath of a fire. Almost immediately, it gives him a sense of the freedom he has suppressed under the guise of civility. The coin begins to influence him more and he decides to feed it the pain and destruction it seeks by placing it in situations where it can be found and corrupt the ones who find it. 

After years of serving the coin and benefiting from the power it gave him, Louis finds that he can no longer serve in the same way. A revelation that will bring him to his end as he discovers what the coin really wants from him. 

The Story: Dark, dangerous and filled with tension, Walsh crafts a brilliant story in this issue. The tension is palpable on every page and the story is haunting, scary and beautiful in how it connects the world of this series. The premise and its execution represent some of the best horror writing and world building I’ve experienced in a while. 

The Art: Walsh pulls double duty with the illustrations in this issue and both writing and drawing the story gives you a wonderful sense of the feelings the story is trying to elicit visually.

The Silver Coin #15



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