The Silver Coin #13

Image Comics

Written by Johnnie Christmas

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Toni Marie Griffin and Michael Walsh

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: A pregnant woman’s run in with the coin will create a dark new presence in the world.

Karena and Brett are excited at the prospect of being parents. Unfortunately, as the year progresses, things get tense between the couple and a heated phone call leads to Karena discovering the silver coin. When she takes it in her hand, it has a profound and dark effect on her pregnancy by showing her dark visions of her soon to be born child.

When Brett returns, the two head to the hospital because something is wrong. The coin’s influence gets worse and takes its first victim before revealing its plan to Karena. A plan that will require it to be born through her child. When Karena arrives at the hospital, things get darker as she must decide whether or not to do something to stop the evil she is about to deliver.

The Story: For a series that is rooted in darkness, this issue is one of the darkest I have read. Christmas isn’t afraid to take the story in some disturbing directions while creating something dark, tense and compelling. The story definitely pushes the envelope and takes the reader on a tense and dark journey. I was impressed with where the story went and intrigued by the final moments of the issue.

The Art: Walsh delivers some dark and disturbing imagery to match the darkness of the story. The visuals perfectly complement the plot and characters and are immersive in their details.

The Silver Coin #13



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