The Sacrificers #7

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Max Fiumara

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: The displaced princess finds life outside the castle filled with unknown dangers.

As the lands begin to know the fury of the moon queen, even the ones being worshiped as gods find themselves unable to end her fury as a flood moves through one of the cities destroying everything in its path and the water god finds himself powerless in front of his people.

At the same time, the princess finds herself on the run from dark forces and is in a land completely unfamiliar to her. As she runs and fights through injury and the unknown, she finds herself at a possible oasis only to find a darker threat waiting for her.

The Story: Remender delivers an intense story with growing suspense that kept me engaged with every moment. I really enjoyed the different sides of the story as well as the growing danger for the princess as she ventures into an unknown world. There is a wonderful instability to the world of this story and I look forward to seeing just how wild things get going forward.

The Art: Fiumara delivers beautiful art in the issue. I really enjoyed the visual style and how immersive all of the character moments are.

The Sacrificers #7



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