The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Stephen Mooney

Art by David Messina

Colors by David Messina

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Cliff struggles to find thrills in his life as a plan emerges targeted at Cliff himself.

In the aftermath of the Great Race, Cliff believes that the rocket is destroyed and decides to dedicate his life to his relationship with Betty and his career as a pilot. At the same time, the Nazis are getting closer to making their rockets work and they need one final thing to do it, Peevy.

As Cliff struggles with the lack of thrills in his life, he spends more time with Betty. Peevy finds himself being kidnapped by the Nazi rocketeers and taken to Germany in order to complete their project.

The Story: Mooney crafts an entertaining and thrilling first issue filled with great tension and the promise of a big adventure to come for Cliff. I love the tone of the issue and how Mooney ups the stakes for both Cliff and the people he cares about. I loved the previous adventure of The Rocketeer and this issue is a great new adventure that continues everything great about the previous one and more.

The Art: Messina delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun and filled with great action and adventure. I love the dark, ominous tone of the Nazi moments and how they contrast with the lighter tone of Cliff and Betty’s moments together.

The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #1



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