The Red Mother #8

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeremy Haun

Art by Danny Luckert

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Daisy’s quiet life of love and work is about to be shaken when the Red Mother makes her next move.

Daisy is finally finding a balance within her work and life with things between she and Ian going really well. She’s also finally starting to make headway with the new puzzle she’s working on. After his recent outburst, even Leland is starting to come around.

Unfortunately, her life is about to take a turn when the pain in her missing eye returns and she begins to see things again. When she finally unlocks another part of the puzzle, she discovers a strange object that might be connected to the Red Mother herself.

The Story: Jeremy Haun continues to master the slow build up of both intensity and terror in this series. This issue is engaging in its character moments as well as its plot. The story does a great job of illustrating Daisy’s return to normalcy as the forces of the Red Mother continue to both gather and move within her life. I continue to be both impressed and interested in just how big and how far the Red Mother’s influence has gone and what ultimately is her plan for Daisy. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next and Haun crafts a brilliant cliffhanger ending that ramps up the suspense.

The Art: Danny Luckert delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. The story has time to build its suspense and Luckert spends that time weaving images of Daisy finding a level of peace in her life before the forces of the Red Mother start to upend them. There are some great visual moments between Daisy and her friends, but Luckert always manages to lure the reader in with those moments before transitioning into the darker ones. A great looking issue.

The Red Mother #8




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