Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Evan Dorkin

Art by Roger Landridge

The Rundown: After their initial success, Bill and Ted find their destiny in doubt.

It’s been years since Bill and Ted shocked the world with their concert and Rufus is called in to discuss a growing problem not only with time, but with reality itself.

In the present, Bill and Ted find themselves struggling to write the song that will unite the world while they raise their kids and try to maintain their marriages. A prospect that becomes more difficult as they discover how easily they’ve been forgotten. In an attempt to reclaim the glory of Wyld Stallyns, the boys decide to get the band back together and take on the world.

The Story: Evan Dorkin does a really good job of capturing the manic energy and heart of the characters. There is a sense of fun to this story, but that fun doesn’t excuse just how empty the plot feels. While the characters still have heart and optimism, I struggle to find a point for this story. As a connection between Bogus Journey and Face the Music, it doesn’t deliver anything remotely interesting. The plot is flat. It seems overly simple and ultimately unnecessary. Even with its familiar feel and recognizable characters, the issue feels like characters in need of a purpose.

The Art: Roger Langridge gives the art a retro feel that is indicative of the time the story takes place in. It is fun, light and designed to match the tone of the story. If the story were more dynamic and interesting, the art would feel welcoming. Unfortunately, it feels flat and lifeless because of the story.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1




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