The Orville #2: Digressions

Dark Horse Comics

Written by David Goodman

Art by David Cabeza

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

The Rundown: Kelly Grayson tries to warn the alternate time line crew of the Orville of an upcoming attack on Earth.

Kelly contacts Admiral Halsey and warns him of the Kaylon’s attack plans. Afterwards, she contacts the Orville to relay a similar message. Kelly then leaves her post aboard the Jefferson with a small group in an attempt to reunite the original crew of the Orville. When they land at an outpost for a supply run, Kelly and her team have a deadly confrontation with the Kaylon. After a harrowing escape, they travel to the Orville’s last known coordinates. There they are able to recover two team members from the ill fated starship. Elsewhere, Ed Mercer and his chief of staff escape the Kaylon invasion on Epsilon Eridani Station.

The Story: This is the ending chapter of a two part series that leads into the season two finale of The Orville television program. Although there is limited action, the story is intense and the stakes are very high for all the characters. This was an enjoyable read that is sure to delight fans of the show.

The Art: This is a colorful issue consisting of a deep and bold palate choice. The characters are done very well and look like their television counterparts. The detailed drawings are very engaging and the use of character expression and form are emotionally connective.

The Orville #2: Digressions



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