The Old Guard Tales Through Time #3

Image Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Eric Trautmann

Art by Valentine De Landro and Mike Henderson

Colors by Rebecca McConnel and Daniela Miwa

Letters by Jodi Wynne

The Rundown: Two warriors deal with the specters of their past and their uncertain futures.

Bonsai Shokunin

An old man tends to a bonsai in his quiet home and reflects on his life as a warrior. He thinks back to his first battle and the female warrior he killed. As his thoughts continue to drift and he prunes the tree, a lifetime of battles run through his head and as he remembers getting better and more skilled, he continues to kill the same woman. A woman who will make a return to him in his twilight years.

Strong Medicine

Sebastian finds himself trekking through Colorado on his way to San Francisco. He comes upon a town beset by a rough element and a man named Eamon looking for someone to save his dying brother. After coming upon the corpse of the last doctor who failed, Sebastian decides to get a drink. When Eamon’s men bring in another doctor, the man gives the psychopath some news that quickly gets him fitted for a noose. When Sebastian steps in to stop a murder, he is ambushed and everyone will discover just how hard it is to kill an immortal.

The Story: Both stories have a common theme of old warriors looking for a measure of peace in a violent world. DeConnick’s story is a brilliant subversion that takes the immortal character out as the main protagonist and it works insanely well thematically. Trautmann’s story is brilliant in both its action and dialogue. Both stories are impressive, emotional and engaging.

The Art: De Landro delivers some emotionally beautiful art in the Bonsai story. The panels are gorgeous and match the mood of the story perfectly. Henderson delivers some breathtaking action and visuals.

The Old Guard Tales Through Time #3



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