The Nice House on the Lake #2

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A new storyteller continues to tell what happened after Walter made his fateful announcement.

Rick recounts his time with Walter in college as he picks up the story of the aftermath of civilization and his new life being trapped in a house full of Walter’s friends. In the aftermath of the revelations from the night before, Rick finds himself in Walter’s presence again. At the same time, Ryan tries to gather clues as to why she’s in the house at all since she everyone else knew Walter longer than she did. As the others gather to discuss what happened to the world, they decide to explore, but Rick and Naya hold back.

The rest of the group makes a discovery on the grounds that gives them a horrifying look at the world outside of the house and what awaits them. As others search the grounds and make their own discoveries, Rick confides in Naya that there may be something to Walter’s plan that is worth going with. Something that might ultimately keep them alive.

The Story: James Tynion IV continues to craft a compelling and interesting social experiment for these characters and all of the twists and turns the plot takes draw in the reader. I am impressed with the world being built in this story and how strange and innovative the storytelling is. All of the characters are unique in their perspectives and way they tackle the situation and I loved that the narrator changed with this issue. A trend I hope continues as we get to know who these people are.

The Art: Alvaro Martinez Bueno crafts some beautiful art with this issue. There is an intimacy to the location and the character interactions that make you feel part of the story itself.

The Nice House on the Lake #2



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