The Next Batman: Second Son #8

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Travel Foreman

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: During a deposition, Jace reveals the circumstances that led to his estrangement from the Fox family.

Instead of reading the written statement provided by Tanya, Jace decides to tell the truth. He describes his relationship with his parents and his privileged background. Then, he recounts his character and behavior as a teenager. On his seventeenth birthday, a tragedy occurs and he turns to his father for help.

The Story: This was a heartbreaking and unfortunately very realistic episode. Ridley has masterfully crafted the narrative of a young man of privilege living without consequence. The window into Jace’s previous character explains his parents, and younger brother’s, behavior toward him in the present. Especially, since it appears the Fox family has not experienced his growth and maturity. I cannot say enough good thing about the complex and compelling family drama that encompasses this series. And I am eager for the next issue.

The Art: Foreman’s heavy use of character expression, combined with the ink and color work of Rapmund and Lokus, work very well together. The entire issue is beautiful and engaging. However, the ending pages demand the most praise. The panels there are hauntingly beautiful and filled with emotion. I was spellbound by them.

The Next Batman: Second Son #8



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