The Next Batman: Second Son #6

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Travel Foreman

Color By Rex Lokus

Letters by: Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Batman finds himself at odds with both the GCPD and an old foe. The Fox family navigate Tamara’s illness.

Ratcatcher and his crew have Batman surrounded. Due to the complex nature of the group, Batman changes his fight tactics. When the Gotham City Policy Department learns of trouble in The Underneath involving “Masks,” they storm the area. Their presence forces Batman to protect the same crew that threatened his life.

Meanwhile, Tanya and two of her children wait at Tamara’s bedside and worry for her condition. When Luke arrives at the hospital with bad news, Tiffany has a marked response.

The Story: This is a Batman centric issue that is heavily layered in action and nuance. Societal conditions in Gotham are discussed. And we see the effects of biased leadership. The single focused manner exhibited by the GCPD with careless disregard mirrors our current society. It is anger inducing and horrifying. I am curious to see how the newest detectives on the force deal with the aftermath of this incident.

The Art: Muted dark colors create a back drop suited for the tone of the story. The action scenes were well done and deepened my emotional investment of the characters.

The Next Batman: Second Son #6



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