The Mandalorian


Season 1 Episode 1

Chapter 1

The Empire has fallen and a lone bounty hunter continues to work on the outskirts of the galaxy.


The Mandalorian travels the galaxy collecting bounties for the guild he works for. Some jobs are easier than others, but all present their own dangers. When the Mandalorian is offered an “off the books” bounty as his next assignment, he accepts and travels to a remote planet where he finds a local willing to help him find his quarry provided he drives all the people protecting it off the planet when he leaves.

After meeting up with a Bounty Droid with a quick trigger and an even faster death wish, the Mandalorian will discover that the bounty he seeks may be more valuable than he realized.


I really loved the first episode of this series. It is equal parts sci-fi epic and gritty western-style adventure. Pedro Pascal absolutely nails the “man with no name” swagger of the lead in this series. He’s a man of few words, but can seemingly convey multitudes of emotion from behind his helmet. The first episode spends its run time introducing us to the character, his conflicts and the world he inhabits. The world is rich and sprawling and the special effects are amazing.


The first episode is an immersive and deliberate experience and the ending has me furious to see what happens next.

The Mandalorian S01XE01




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