The Last Mermaid #2

Image Comics

Written by Derek Kirk Kim

Art by Derek Kirk Kim

Colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Letters by Derek Kirk Kim

The Rundown: The mermaid and her companion find a respite from the desert and find more danger below.

With her armored habitat broken, the mermaid is barely clinging to life outside a possible source of fresh water. Seeing a sign of life, she wills herself to move until she finds the source, a deep lake beneath the sands.

Diving in with her mechanized suit, the mermaid discovers the water she needs along with other vehicles she can use to repair her own. Unfortunately, it might be too late to discover the creature using this water as its hunting grounds.

The Story: The story continues to be beautifully intricate and immersive while creating an engaging character who experiences interesting moments throughout the issue. I love the building of suspense throughout the story both from the mermaid’s dilemma to the investigation of the water. The story is incredibly compelling and immediately grabbed my attention.

The Art: Kim delivers beautifully detailed art that brilliantly captures the suspense and thrills of the story.

The Last Mermaid #2



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