The Joker #7

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns

Art by Guillem March and Sweeney Boo

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Gordon is questioned by Interpol, an agent reveals her identity, and the Batgirls battle an enemy. Bluebird seeks out a potential witness, and Cullen notices something surprising.

In Santa Prisca, a mishap involving Oracle forces an undercover investigator to reveal their identity. Meanwhile, Gordon is being held by Interpol. He looks over evidence meant to induce a confession, and draws his own conclusions. During an interrogation he is asked about a mysterious organization with ties to the Joker. Later, Gordon and Madame Halloween have a discussion over drinks and a person of interest unexpectedly joins them.

In the clock tower, Stephanie and Oracle discuss and monitor a series of events when they are suddenly attacked by a familiar foe. Soon Cassandra comes to their aide. Afterwards, they make an interesting determination.

In the B story, Punchline and her crew search for an evasive Bluebird. Meanwhile, Bluebird finds an unusual way to track down Kelly Ness and the two must decide how to proceed. Elsewhere, Cullen makes a discovery about his new romantic partner.

The Story: Tynion has crafted an engaging chapter filled with lots of content. Two new players are introduced into this storyline and their presence serves to add a new layer to an already complicated tale. I must admit, while I am enjoying reading this series, I find myself wondering how all of the pieces will fit together. Especially, as there have been no resolutions given for any of the many events taking place so far. I am, however, invested in this series. And I appreciate that much of this story is told through the perspective of Gordon. Even though this series’ namesake is The Joker, the focus on the mystery behind his actions is compelling and well thought out. It will be interesting to see what’s next in store for our protagonist.

This is a fun and entertaining episode that leaves the reader with a bit of a mystery. I appreciate the way even Bluebird is surprised by the turn of events. Her search for a potential witness is humorous and exciting and I’m curious as to what will happen next. I am also fascinated by Cullen and the unusual choices he makes.

The Art: In the A Story, March uses hyper-detailed drawings to convey a variety of facial and form expressions that tune the reader into the mood of the individual characters. This artwork is complimented by the bold color work of Prianto. The result is a visually interesting series of panels that perfectly convey the intensity and action of the narrative.

In the B Story, Sweeney Boo uses a modern art style with bright colors to set the tone for the B story. This is an eye-catching issue with an attention to detail that draws the reader further into the tale.


The Joker #7



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