The Joker #2

Written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns

Art by Guillem March and Mirka Andolfo

Colors by Arif Prianto and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Commissioner Gordon solicits Batman’s help on a dangerous mission, while the Joker avoids the wrath of his many enemies. Meanwhile, several groups plot against Punchline.

Gordon looks back on the circumstances of his newest assignment. When he meets with Batman to ask for assistance, he reveals something stunning. Later, Gordon talks with a family member before leaving Gotham. In the meantime, the Joker is on the run from his adversaries, and a new foe is revealed.

In the B Story, Punchline is is the subject of interest for both the Queen of Spades and Bluebird. The former hatches a deadly plan with the Royal Flush Gang that involves a surprising foe. Bluebird, on the other hand, investigates Punchline’s history by visiting someone from her past.

The Story: I’m looking forward to seeing how this tale moves forward. James Tynion IV has set up several exciting and interconnected situations. I am curious as to the direction Gordon’s investigation will take. And how outside forces will impact it.

Punchline’s back story seems interesting. I like the way Tynion and Johns incorporate the use of apps and their societal impact. The Royal Flush Gang’s story seems a bit inconsequential. Hopefully, the series will flesh this aspect out in future episodes.

The Art: Tight, extremely detailed drawings are highlighted by bold colors and undertones of green in March and Prianto’s work. I like how the major villains look worn and have ravaged faces. They are scary in feature and character. Overall, the artwork is well done and makes for a visually pleasing issue.

Adolfo and Fajardo use modern comic style art with bold fun colors. I like how the color palette changes as the reader moves from the Royal Flush Gang narrative to Bluebird’s investigation. It captures your attention and keeps you focused.

The Joker #2



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