The Incredible Hulk #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Phillip K. Johnson

Art by Danny Earls

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Hulk takes on Frozen Charlotte to free Charlie before she becomes part of her collection.

Hulk fights the powerful Frozen Charlotte throughout her lair beneath the city. As he takes on the creature, Charlie pleads to be released as the creature tells Hulk more about the girl’s past and why she was chosen. She also gives Hulk a warning about what she will become if she stays with him.

As the battle rages, Hulk discovers just how powerful the creature is and who she is connected to. A battle that will determine who gets Charlie and if she can be saved from the fate of the others in her collection.

The Story: Johnson continues to craft some harrowing and compelling stories for Hulk in this series and really enjoyed the all-out brawl with Frozen Charlotte throughout this issue. The backstory for Charlie was incorporated well and the bigger arc affecting Hulk continues to be engaging.

The Art: I really enjoyed the story a lot, but the art felt really flat considering the setting and characters. I found myself not as immersed in the visuals as I was in the dialogue because there were visual moments that just felt messy.

The Incredible Hulk #11



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