The Immortal Thor #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Loki continues his story to Thor as others prepare to write one of their own.

Loki continues the story of a previous adventure by himself and Thor that brought them to the halls of the Utgard-Loki and the challenges they faced to escape. Challenges that tested the gods and their powers along with their cunning. Challenges that could contain a lesson that the present Thor sorely needs to learn before it’s too late.

At the same time, Dario continues to read the stories in real time with the help of Enchantress as he makes plans for his future and the power of Thor.

The Story: Ewing continues to craft an entertaining and interesting story in this issue. The dynamic between Thor and Loki continues to be entertaining and there is a compelling mystery being developed within this arc. I like the slow build up of the upcoming conflict and the things being teased about it while also giving great moments of Thor beginning to understand.

The Art: Coccolo delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The visual style is perfect for this arc with some great classic looking moments for the characters.

The Immortal Thor #7



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