The Immortal Thor #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor fights both a powerful god and the limits of his own power.

With Toranos destroying everything around them, Thor must summon all the power he can to fight back. Unfortunately, the use of that power pushes him closer to the All-Sleep that he dreads and how it leaves the realms defenseless.

After finding a way to stave off another attack from Toranos for a time, Thor finds himself growing weaker and when confronted by Loki, he is given a choice to trust no matter what it costs him.

The Story: I continue to love the brilliantly complicated and compelling narrative Ewing is creating in this issue. Beyond the fantastic and magical action in the story, it is a great look at the evolution of Thor as both hero and king. I love that the conflict comes to head with Loki and how that dynamic is filled with intricacy and suspense.

The Art: Coccolo delivers great art in the issue. The fight with the Toranos looks amazing and the new aspect of Loki is visually stunning.

The Immortal Thor #2



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