The Human Target #4

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Greg Smallwood

Colors by Greg Smallwood

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Chance gets to see how superheroes conduct their day to day lives and he finds himself getting closer to a suspect.

Chance continues his investigation by going by the offices of his former colleague Ted Kord to look for answers. He brings Ice along with him to smooth things over with the billionaire and possible suspect. With time running out for him, he needs answers fast about who poisoned him. He gets right to the point, but their meeting is cut short by a robbery and the two decide to tag along.

After traveling with two superheroes and seeing them in action, Chance and Ice get closer. He continues to follow the pair on their adventures and watches how they work. When they finally get some time, Chance has a few drinks with Ted and gets not only the information he needs, but a new person to talk to. He also finds himself unable to resist something he’s been wanting to do the entire day.

The Story: King continues to blow me away with this series and I continue to love the brilliantly subtle detective noir vibes of the plot. What I really loved about this issue was not only how cool the character is in the face of everything he witnesses, but his commentary on the world he’s found himself in. I love the things he uncovers about these characters and the developing relationship between Chance and Ice is handled beautifully.

The Art: Smallwood delivers some incredible art throughout this issue. The highlight of the art is the brilliant way that Smallwood shows the developing closeness between Chance and Ice through subtle visual moments like fingers intertwining. A beautiful looking issue from start to finish.

The Human Target #4



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