The Green Lantern Season Two #12

DC Comics

Written by Grant Morrison

Art and Color by Liam Sharp

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Hal Jordan battles Hector Hammond and the Golden Ones in an effort to save the planet Athmoora.

Hector has created chaos on Athmoora. The reader gets a bit of his backstory, including an explanation of his animosity toward Hal. Meanwhile, Hal must battle Hector’s army and try rescue his friends. After a devastating loss, a new enemy appears. When they strike a deadly bargain with Hal for the salvation of Athmoora, he must find a way to deliver.

The Story: There is a lot happening in this issue. Unfortunately, at several points, the plot gets muddled. While I enjoyed the overall tale, it felt rushed. As this is the grand finale of the series, I would have preferred a longer issue that fleshed out the narrative more.

The Art: Liam Sharp provides a beautifully drawn issue with an intense color palette of reds and greens. The intricate use of detail is inspiring. Each panel draws the eye and elicits an emotional response. The artwork here is magnificent.

The Green Lantern Season Two #12



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