The Good Asian #6

Image Comics

Written by Pornsak Pichetshote

Art by Alexandre Tegenkgi

Colors by Lee Loughridge

Letters by Jeff Powell

The Rundown: Edison Hark finds himself on the run. Victoria Calloway assists in a critical investigation.

Edison has a confrontation with Detective O’Malley in Chinatown. Afterwards, he receives aide from an old friend. Soon after, the police question Victoria regarding Edison’s whereabouts. Later, Edison and Victoria have a revealing conversation. The two then plan a strategy for finding a killer. When a solid lead is found, Edison investigates and finds himself in a deadly situation.

The Story: Pichetshote effortless delivers a plot twisting chapter filled with mind blowing reveals and intriguing character development. I’m always interested in the way this series handles race relations and its conflicts. And I once again find myself impressed. The relationship between Victoria and Edison feels very honest and realistic. It is also in some respects infuriating. The two have fundamentally differing perspectives and Victoria’s judgements can be read as tone deaf. As for her role in the larger story, I’m excited to find out what is next to come. This is easily one of my favorite series of all time and I can’t wait for the next installment.

The Art: The illustrations in this chapter feature a minimalist style and use a variety of cool tones that alter with the mood and location of the scene. A noir feel permeates throughout the issue and draws the reader further into the story.

The Good Asian #6



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