the-freeze-3_be6770fbb2The Freeze #3

Image Comics

Written by Dan Wickline

Art by Phillip Sevy

Letters by Troy Peteri

The investigation into who has been mutilating the frozen gets deeper as Ray continues to recount his story.

Gavin gathers everyone that has been unfrozen and brings them to a meeting to discuss the rumors of a killer among them. It’s clear that, even though Ray is the one with the power to unfreeze, it’s Gavin that wields the real power in the new society. Ray is being put into a figurehead role or that of a useful tool and Gavin has his own plans for both Ray and his abilities.


Lisa and Lucy are conducting their own investigation. Lucy has discovered that more frozen are missing. After a harrowing experience with a group of unfrozen who have given Ray an uncomfortable religious meaning, the man himself witnesses firsthand the carnage this mystery killer is causing.

Dan Wickline continues to deliver both intensity and foreboding in this issue. The mystery is deepening and Wickline is crafting an interesting and engaging story with Ray as well as giving the reader insight into where the real threats are coming from. There is a lot going on in this issue, but it all feels necessary and appropriate to both the characters and the plot. Even with the story being told in flashback, there is still a sense of immediacy to what we’re reading and the knowledge that there are more than one mystery to solve makes the series enticing.

Phillip Sevy has amazing art in this issue. All of the pages have incredibly detailed art in them. There are also visuals that push boundaries and deliver scenes that illicit a response from the reader.

The Freeze #3




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