The Fox Chronicles #1

Prime Direction Studios

Written by Robert Jeffrey II, Leo Patrice Ware and Tony Cade

Art by Fritz Fulo Casas

Colors by Candice Han, Russell Vincent Yu, Neil Cervantes, and Shayne Cui

Letters by Khari Sampson

The Rundown: Autumn Fox trains for an unknown assignment and the history of an alien presence is explained. The Amber Fox challenges a criminal organization.

The story begins with the origins of a powerful and ancient being with an interesting set of circumstances. Next, the narrative shifts to the present year of 2048. Here, Autumn Fox finds herself at odds with her mother after an unusual training session. Later, she has a serious talk with her father. Then, Reginald and Michelle discuss Autumn’s motivations and a potential threat. Soon, Autumn meets with Christine at the behest of someone unexpected and begins a training session unlike any other she has faced before. Elsewhere, a police task force rescues a group of girls from a terrifying situation. Afterwards, Detective Lynn has an interesting conversation with an informant.

The Amber Fox
A humanoid fights in an alien arena to gain access to a local crime lord. Later, she has a violent confrontation with The Abyss. Afterwards, she retrieves something valuable and frees a group of people.

The Story: The Fox Chronicles #1 is the first chapter in a limited series funded by Kickstarter. In this issue the reader is introduced to an alien presence that relocates to Earth and those that have interactions with it. I was really impressed with this tale as it features some interesting concepts and a surprising reveal. I like the family dynamic that is presented. Their loving, if challenging, relationships feel very familiar and honest. I am also intrigued by the plotlines presented and the strong female leads that accompany them. I found this introductory story engaging and l look forward to the next issue.

In the B story, an anti-hero is featured. The Amber Fox is presented as a person on a mission. She is also shrouded in mystery. I am really interesting in discovering her purpose, and whether or not she has a connection with the Fox family on earth.

The Art: The illustrations for both the A and B stories are crafted in a modern comic book styling. There is an attention to detail that is quite appealing, especially in terms of diversity. The consideration taken to highlight ethnicity and multiple body types is heartening and does a lot to foster inclusivity within the genre. There are also some very interesting fight scenes, and there are certain panels take on a realism that is particularly breathtaking. In terms of the trade product, the comic uses quality paper and even the standard cover feels like a collector’s edition. Overall, I found this to be a visually appealing issue, that is very engaging and transportive.

The Fox Chronicles #1



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