The Flash star Ezra Miller and director Andy Muschietti took to the virtual stage at DC Fandome to give fans some news about the upcoming Flash solo film.

The film has had a long gestation time and gone through several directors and writers before landing on IT Parts 1 and 2 director Muschietti and Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson.


Not only has it been revealed recently that Ben Affleck will don the cape and cowl to return as Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside Miller’s Flash and Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight, but it also looks like the film will explore the DC multiverse. The director also went on to reveal that there will be a new Flash suit in the upcoming film and that it will be designed by Bruce Wayne.


The suit looks a lot more streamlined and less clunky than his Justice League suit. It will be interesting to see how the character evolves beyond the suit when the film is finally released.

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