The Flash #776

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Eduardo Pasarin

Inks by Matt Ryan

Colors by Jeromy Cox

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Flash and Doctor Fate will illicit some unusual help to stop Eclipso.

Doctor Fate has brought Flash into a new and dangerous dimension in the hopes of finding a way to stop Eclipso, but Fate reveals that they will need help to travel through the strange dimension. After lifting the veil on Flash’s mind, he sees exactly who he needs to help him on his mission. Someone no one expects.

As the pair traverse the dimension on their hunt for their quarry, their newfound companion is needed more and more to alter the world in ways that will be beneficial to the pair. Even Flash enlists the new companion’s help on several occasions as the pair find their journey more and more dangerous. As they find the object their looking for, their journey takes them somewhere else, but it might be too late for everyone.

The Story: Full disclosure, Adams uses a gimmick to tell this particular story, but that gimmick is used effectively to enhance the story for the reader in some admittedly fun ways. Giving too much away about it would spoil the issue so I’ll concentrate more on the story itself and say that it is good. It engaged me beyond the gimmick and kept my attention. It was fun in how it was crafted and executed. I especially enjoyed the ending and the tease for what’s to come.

The Art: Pasarin delivers some beautiful visuals throughout the issue. There are some great visual moments and they work perfectly with the tone, energy and style of the story.

The Flash #776



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