The Flash #767

DC Comics

Written by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Art by Clayton Henry and Marco Santucci

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Arif Prianto

Letters by Steve Wands and Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Flash battles the cold and his own fatigue as the Endless Winter continues.

A small band of heroes from a lost age band together to find and stop the Endless Winter in their time and Black Adam is among them. In the present, Barry finds himself racing around the world trying to force back the ice creatures emerging from the Endless Winter, but he is getting tired. After contacting his fellow heroes, he finds that they are equally busy trying to fight as well. Black Adam travels to the UN to offer refugees a safe haven in Khandaq as the winter continues to travel the world.

Barry is sent to find a way to work with Adam, but the fatigue is getting to him and he finds himself unable to fight back. Black Adam saves the speedster and learns more about the threat to the world before Barry heads back to Central City to help Iris.

The Story: Lanning and Marz do a great job of moving the story forward and adding new elements to make the back story more compelling. Having both Adam and Barry as the focus of this issue made the story more interesting and knowing Adam has information that the heroes need makes his moves and motives more compelling. It will be interesting to see how this story grows and evolves and whether the bigger story being told continues to keep the characters as their focus.

The Art: Henry and Santucci deliver some great imagery throughout the issue. I enjoy the contrast between the flashback and the present story both in style and details. A really good looking issue.

The Flash #767



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