The Flash #763

DC Comics

Written by Kevin Shinick

Art by Clayton Henry

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Barry will take on the Trickster to retrieve something he values.

On the anniversary of his mother’s death, Barry decides to forgo being alone and decides to go out with Iris. When he thinks of something that requires the Flash to retrieve, he takes off only to realize that he is missing his Flash ring and his uniform. In his haste to discover what happened to his ring, he finds the Trickster is back and has opened a small business in town.

What he finds is that the villain has stolen Flash’s ring and proceeds to run Barry through a series of challenges in order for the hero to get it back. Flash decides to take him up on his challenge because there is something special about that ring that no one knows except Barry.

The Story: Kevin Shinick offers a story with smaller stakes for the character and that is refreshing. Not only is the story personal, but it doesn’t bog the character down in dealing with city-wide or world shattering events. I like the self contained nature of the story because it allows for Barry to have a resolution to the plot that is both personal and engaging.

The Art: Clayton Henry does an excellent job with the art in this issue The style of the imagery is lighter and matches the tone of the plot well.

The Flash #763



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