The Flash #761

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Howard Porter

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: To combat Thawne’s Legion of Zoom, the Flash Family will come together to fight as one.

In the distant future, two speedsters race to the Flash Museum to relive one of the most pivotal moments in the life of Barry Allen and his tenure as The Flash. As they watch the events of an epic battle unfold, the newest Kid Flash learns some uneasy truths about the battle unfolding in the past.

Thawne has taken villains from across time to fight the Flash family, but Barry and his allies have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. The battle has gotten the attention of Flash’s across the multiverse and they all come to help finish the fight. A fight that will reveal Thawne’s hands in more events than just the death of Barry’s mother. With the scope of the villains plans revealed, Barry will go after his greatest foe in what might be their final race.

The Story: Joshua Williamson leans heavily into Flash lore and the Flash family and the issue is the better for it. Not only is the action dynamic and fun, but the dialogue is fantastic. There are some repeating themes that readers of the series will pick up on, but the story holds the reader’s interest and does a great job of reminding you what’s so special and engaging about the Flash family. I really love how expansive the intertwining narrative gets and focusing so many incidents and histories on one character creates a story arc that is delightful in its surprises. I really enjoyed this issue and cannot wait to see what direction the story takes next.

The Art: Howard Porter’s art is amazing throughout this issue. Not only does the action feel immediate, but there is an energy flowing through the panels that draws in the reader. A great looking issue that stuns and impresses with each page.

The Flash #761




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