The Flash #760

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Christian Duce and Scott Kolins

Colors by Luis Guerrero and Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Barry must find a way to separate Thawne from his body and he will need the help of the Flash family to do it.


Barry continues to struggle within his own mind as Thawne tries to kill everyone Barry loves. It will take the combined power of Jay Garrick and Bart Allen to force Thawne to flee and save the others while Barry works with Max Mercury and Jesse Quick to free himself from the speed force. To make things more complicated, Thawne sends in someone to stop their plan.

In the real world, Thawne’s new team takes to Central City to steal the equipment he needs to make the change permanent, but they get squeamish when Thawne tells them to perform an act they not only don’t understand, but don’t condone. With his avenues to becoming Flash slowly closing, Thawne decides to take his fight with the Flash family to the next level.

The Story: Williamson’s desire to reincorporate all of the speedsters back into the world is ambitious and this issue does a good job of making ambition entertaining. There are some issues with the quick resolution of some moments, but the story has enough good moments throughout that it is definitely worth a read. I liked seeing how these characters were incorporated into the larger story and Williamson does a great job of making them interesting and compelling characters that you want to see more of. Even with the intensity of the cliffhanger ending, Williamson manages to hang onto the core of what makes Flash such an endearing character, hope.

The Art: Christian Duce and Scott Kolins do a great job of keeping the art lively and visually interesting.

The Flash #760




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