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Season 5 Episode 8

Hard Vacuum

Official Description – Amos returns to Baltimore with Clarissa. On Luna, Avasarala’s alliances begin to shift. Alone and adrift, Naomi becomes a deadly lure.

This episode catches up with all of the main characters of the season.

The story open with Amos and Clarissa on motorcycles just outside Baltimore. Clarissa has finally recovered from the mod-blocker meds from the UN Prison. Their journey shows more of the fall out from the asteroid attack. When the duo finally reach Baltimore, they reunite with Erich. After an emotional conversation, Erich decides to join Clarissa and Amos on their search for a means to escape Earth for Luna

Marco discovers a dead Cyn in the airlock of the Pella. When Filip tells him that Cyn was killed in an attempt to save Naomi, Marco immediately blames his son. Naomi was his responsibility. Filip leaves his father to mourn his friend.

Meanwhile, Naomi wakes up aboard the Chetzemoka. She is severely injured and suffering the after effects of her escape from the Pella. She tries desperately to contact her friends in an attempt to thwart one of Marco’s deadly plans.

Holden and the Rocinante scan the wreckage of the Zmeya. They find no sign of the protomolecule and assume it was destroyed. Holden wants to search for Naomi, but not all agree. When he receives a message from Alex and Bobbie in the Razorback, he sets course for what he believes is Naomi’s location.

In another section of the solar system, Drummer faction does salvage. They find the remains of faction Matar Kubeliya. Camina Drummer is still reeling from her factions decision to join the Free Navy. A message from Naomi is also intercepted. Karal gives an explanation of the message and Camina leaves for her cabin in distress. Later Karal and Oksana have a discussion and discover something is amiss with the transmission from Naomi.

On Luna, David Paster greets his fellow citizens as the new Secretary General, with Avasarala and UN Admiral Felix Delgado at his side. He then announces a manhunt for Marco and the FreeNavy. Later in a meeting, the delegates of Earth and Luna discuss their strategy for capturing Marco and any of his allies. Afterwards, Paster speaks with Admiral Delgado and must make a strategic decision.

While a lot happens during this episode, for me there are two standouts. Dominique Tipper once again delivers as the struggling Naomi Nagata. Her acting is magnificent and intense as she performs on screen solo during all her segments.

Secondly, there is the UN’s discussions on the Free Navy. Military objective vs humanitarianism is at the heart of a debate. Its impressive how this show boldly introduces subject matter that could apply to the world in the present day. During the discussions, it becomes easy to see why there is so much conflict between the different groups. Perspective, at the end of the day, makes all the difference in one’s worldview.

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