EmptyMan_007_A_MainThe Empty Man #7

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jesus Hervas

Colors by Niko Guardia

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Langford has returned and he needs to tell Jensen everything that he knows about the Empty Man and his world.

As Jensen and her charges continue to run from the carnage developing all over the city, Langford joins them to tell her about the Empty Man’s world and his journey through it. As they see his ravaged body and the things following him around, he recalls entering the twisted world of the Empty Man.


Jensen’s partner Marsh has his own problems when the nursing staff turns on him and attacks. Karl also tries to change his circumstances, but he finds that he is no longer needed.

As Langford continues to tell his story, he reveals that there is more to the Empty Man than everyone thinks and killing him is not only not simple, but might end up being impossible.

Cullen Bunn continues to infuse this series and this issue with a dark, creepy energy that is engaging and engrossing. The revelations that are made in this issue are disturbing and interesting because they speak to a darkness in humanity itself. The writing is brilliant and the ideas are so well presented that the reader becomes involved in the story and its characters.

The art by Jesus Hervas is stunning and disturbing. Everything looks amazing.

The Empty Man #7




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