EmptyMan_006_Cover_A_MainThe Empty Man #6

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jesus Hervas

Colors by Niko Guardia

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The virus has gone global and not only is it spreading at a rate unheard of by authorities, but the physical manifestations of the virus are visible to everyone now.


No one is more pleased about this new turn of events than Karl. After taking the man responsible for the virus from quarantine, he shows him the extent of his works with an almost religious glee.

At the same time Jensen and the family are trying desperately to escape the city. With no more answers to give them and running out of pills, Jensen finds that there isn’t much that she can do against the onslaught of Empty Man devotees causing havoc throughout the city.

When they are attacked on the freeway, Andrew tries to escape the creature, but with traffic being heavy and the creature on a relentless hunt, Jensen is ready to sacrifice herself to save the family until an unexpected return shows up just in time.

Full of horror, suspense and tension, Cullen Bunn takes the reader to a world descending into madness and the only sane people left might be too late to stop it. The story engages the reader with great dialogue and intense stakes.

Jesus Hervas is brilliant with the style and execution of the art in this issue. The creatures are disturbing and terrifying.

The Empty Man #6




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