STL123241The Dreaming #11

DC Vertigo Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Bilquis Evely

Colors by Matt Lopes

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Dora and company make their way to a mysterious pub in between worlds. As she makes her way to the bar, she notices that there is no one around, but Matthew hears voices in another room and the party sees that a trio of entities have engaged the patrons in a series of stories that overlap each other.


With the power of the stories overwhelming the crowd, including Matthew, Dora must find a way to get the attention of the patrons when she discovers that the entire top floor of the pub is on fire. The only other person not affected in a talking rabbit named Long Lugs who is trying to put out the fire by himself and has a connection to the missing Dream that Dora needs to uncover.

The Story: Simon Spurrier does a brilliant job of showcasing the power of story in this issue. All of the patrons being transfixed by the stories is believable because the stories themselves are compelling and interesting to read. The way Spurrier transitions from one story to another is both maddening and entertaining because you want to see where each story goes and how they connect. The way it gets resolved is inspired as well.

The Art: Bilquis Evely’s art is fantastic. All of the characters look amazing, but the brilliantly designed backgrounds and details visually draw you in.

The Dreaming #11




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