C8D844F6-E70C-48DD-8776-338A13651F61The Despicable Deadpool #298

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Mike Hawthorne

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Probably one of the best reasons for writing a story about Deadpool putting out a twenty million dollar hit on himself is that you get to cameo most of the villains and mercenaries in the Marvel universe and this issue is no exception with Juggernaut having an unfortunate run in with the contents of a cement truck courtesy of Deadpool. His next run in with Taskmaster is hilarious with the two of them having their battle interrupted by a man in a wheelchair giving Wade the opportunity to do something crass that solidifies his Despicable persona.


Wade takes a moment to take a swipe at The Inhumans series as well, which I found funny before he’s hit by a cab driven by Bullseye. Being the resourceful merc that he is, he finds a way out of it with a bit of flair, the gas tank and a lighter. As Taskmaster and Bullseye get back into the fight, it take some unexpected help to bring Deadpool down. I really expected something different from this part of the issue, but what Duggan gave me instead was more interesting and funnier than I thought.

What follows is even more interesting as the two mercenaries learn that Wade put the hit on himself and they suddenly lose interest in the contract. It’s a solid moment between the three of them that ends on a good note. I also like the fact that the violence of the hit has brought out The Defenders, Cap and some other “heroes” to try to find a way to stop Deadpool and bring him in. It looks like it’s going to get more fun in the next issue.

Duggan continues to keep me invested in Deadpool in a way that I wasn’t before and this run has given some great psychological moments for the character as well as a comedic look at his impact in the world as well as his standing with other characters in the Marvel universe. Hawthorne’s art is great and he does an awesome job of showcasing both the details in the characters and the gritty nature of the environments.

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