The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeffrey Addis, Will Matthews and Adam Cesare

Art by French Carlomango

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: The adventurous origins of Hup are chronicled.

As a Paladin recalls his courageous stories to a room full of Gelflings, Hup is dealing with an irate Skeksis who is constantly complaining about the food as the Gelflings placate the lord of the crystal. With the tithe coming, Hup’s constant screw ups with the food are rubbing everyone the wrong way. When the Skeksis makes his displeasure known, Hup decides to retort with a spoon to the Skesis’ face.


After getting fired from his job as a cook and told to leave town, Hup is befriended by the Paladin who takes the young podling under his wing as they travel together, but the Paladin is keeping more than a few secrets from the young podling.

The Story: A fun, short story that gives the reader a light break from the heaviness of the regular story arc. Taking the time to dive into Hup’s backstory, Cesare rounds out the beloved character and gives him some interesting character moments. The fact that he is so willing to defend himself against the Skeksis adds another dimension to his character that makes this story engaging.

The Art: Carlomango delivers some beautiful art in this issue. There are some great visual moments throughout the issue and the characters look amazing.

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #5




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