Zombies have been dominating our fears for years and a world infected with a zombie virus continues to fuel writers and directors.


In the upcoming film The Cured, the zombie infestation takes on additional social and political tones when a cure is found for the outbreak. In the film, Sam Keeley plays a former zombie who is cured of his disease and along with others who have been cured, must find a way to reintegrate with society. In a Europe ravaged by a zombie apocalypse and slowly starting to rebuild, that might be harder than they think.


Ellen Page plays Keeley’s former sister-in-law who is raising her son alone after losing her husband to the infection. She agrees to take him in, but the pressures from her neighbors and her own fears make the homecoming tense. Add in an other former zombie played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who wants to go to extreme measures to become a zombie again and a militant government presence dogging the cured and something is going to happen.

The Cured opens in theaters and on VOD February 23rd.


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