The Cull #4

Image Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Mattia De Iulis

Colors by Mattia De Iulis

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Cleo and her friends return home to a changing and more dangerous world.

Cleo and company find themselves back on Black Water Beach and face to face with a creature from the world they just escaped. After finding a way to incapacitate it, they move off the beach and manage to reunite with several members of their families.

After realizing that they can’t stay in one place while the world is being invaded, they proceed to try to contact as many members of their families as they can. Unfortunately, Lux will discover that their being missing for so long will cause one family member to lose help and do something dangerous.

The Story: Thompson crafts a stylish, suspenseful and emotional story in this issue. The story has some fantastic character moments and a great rise in both tension and suspense. There is a lot of great emotion in the issue and the dynamic between this group of characters continues to keep me engaged in their story and their relationships. The story builds to a dark and beautifully delivered cliffhanger that guarantees that I come back to see what happens.

The Art: De Iulis delivers beautifully detailed and dynamic art throughout the issue. I love the design of this world and the environments being created within it. The visual style draws the eye with every page and panel.

The Cull #4



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