The Conjuring: The Lover #5

DC Comics

Written by David L Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle and Dominike “Domo” Stanton

Art by Garry Brown and Dominike “Domo” Stanton

Colors by Mike Spicer and Dee Cunniffe

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Two new stories connect to the dark world of The Conjuring.

In the aftermath of a violent act, Jessica finds herself facing a dark entity in the form of her friend Katie. An entity that wants her to kill herself. Jessica tries to remember the real Katie and what they meant to each other. Unfortunately, all of her positive memories of Katie aren’t enough to change the reality of what she did. A reality that a dark presence will use to continue her dark schemes.

In the aftermath of the war, 1950’s West Germany is still fighting. At an abbey that was protected from the worst of the fighting a group of women meet to maintain the building and its treasures. One of the women sees the matron of the building as a mentor and travels with her when she takes a mysterious package with her to a secret meeting in the woods. A meeting that will reveal an object of great power that requires great sacrifice to obtain.

The Story: The first story has an entertaining and compelling ending. It moves really well thematically and does a great job of fleshing out the story of Jessica. It also does a great job of not overstaying its welcome and ends where it should. The second story is great. I loved the concept and the narration was brilliantly misleading. A great introduction to Ilsa as a character and the lengths she will go for her plans.

The Art: Both stories contain brilliant art throughout. The pages are filled with darkness and detail. They perfectly complement the dark stories being told.

The Conjuring: The Lover #5



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