The Conjuring: The Lover #4

DC Comics

Written by David L Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle and Ray Fawkes

Art by Garry Brown and Christopher Mitten

Colors by Mike Spicer and Brennan Wagner

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Jessica finds she cannot escape the evil that has targeted her.

After pushing Kyle into the path of an oncoming bus, the college decides to kick Jessica out. With nowhere to go, she returns home to her parents, but the entity that has been stalking her throughout the school has come back with her. After dealing with the backlash from her mother, Jessica’s more understanding father recommends she give her friend a call. After meeting with her friend Katie, Jessica will discover that things are not what they seem and her confronting evil will end in tragedy.

Another story highlights one of the objects from the Artifact Room. A young mother who has recently lost her baby looks to a music box that tells her the circumstances of the child’s death and how it wasn’t an accident. When she confronts the person responsible, the music from the box leads to a moment of horrifying revenge.

The Story: I like the progression of the first story a lot. There are so many great horror and suspense moment throughout and it does a great job of pivoting into the plot of the third movie. The story was brilliantly told and entertaining. The second story does a great job of building its world, conflict and terror in only a few pages. Both stories harken back to some of the great horror comics of the past.

The Art: Garry Brown has a wonderful eye for horror and terror with the art in the first story. Christopher Mitten beautifully sets mood and emotion with the visuals in the second story.

The Conjuring: The Lover #4



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