The Butcher of Paris #5

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Dean Kotz

Colors by Jason Wordie

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Detective Massu is the only thing standing between justice and the release of a murderer, but can the killer charm his way out of his fate.


At the scene of his latest kill, Dr. Petiot is apprehended by the police. Caught in the act, he refuses to speak to the authorities and awaits his trail. At the same time, Massu’s son tries to convince his father that he should attend the trial. The former detective wants nothing to do with the system that shunned him, but his son reminds him of the man he was as he leaves to witness justice.

The trial itself dissolves into a circus as Petiot puts on the performance of his life and takes the focus away from his crimes. With the proceedings taking a turn in the killer’s favor, it will take a surprise witness to bring the focus back and put the murderer in the crosshairs of justice.

The Story: Stephanie Phillips brings this story to a satisfying conclusion that I wish were longer. The story has taken some brilliant turns throughout the series and it was nice to see the culmination of the character’s journeys as they meet face to face. The dialogue is great and Petiot is given an engaging mix of charm and menace. I enjoyed not knowing what he would do or how he would react at any given moment.

The Art: Dean Kotz delivers some beautiful art in this final issue. From the character expressions to the composition, everything looks brilliant.

The Butcher of Paris #5




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