The Butcher of Paris #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Dean Kotz

Colors by Jason Wordie

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: As the hunt for the elusive killer intensifies, the breadth and scope of his crimes continues to baffle authorities.


Even with the Nazis occupying the country, nowhere is safe. Something a group of children will find out when their innocent swim in the Seine uncovers a steamer trunk and a decomposing body inside. Another possible victim of the Butcher who’s lair has been raided and the remains of multiple bodies being examined.

Unaware of what to do about the missing suspect, the Gestapo commander in the area asks for more men as Massu and his son find more evidence of the killer’s actions and depravity. To make matters worse, there are those who believe the man to be a member of the French Resistance and are reluctant to help for fear that his capture will expose the network to the Nazis.

The Story: Stephanie Phillips crafts a tense and compelling thriller with this latest issue. The dialogue is fantastic and Phillips takes the time to make the characters interesting both in their reactions to events, but also in their reactions to each other. The story is intriguing and continues to draw me in with all of the turns it takes as well as the overarching threat of trying to conduct an investigation in occupied territory with the Gestapo dogging your every step. A fascinating story that keeps getting better.

The Art: Dead Kotz delivers some stunning art in this issue. The art style is beautiful in its dramatic lines and brilliant use of shadow. There is a cinematic quality to how the panels progress like watching a classic film noir.

The Butcher of Paris #2




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