The Boys: Dear Becky #6

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Russ Braun

Colors by Tony Avina

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Hughie is confronted with his secrets and Butcher reveals some uncomfortable truth.

Hughie returns home to see Annie working on something in the kitchen. He realizes that something is wrong and decides to confront her. When she lays out that she knows he’s hiding something from her, he lays out what he knows.

The Boys witness the aftermath of the attack at Yankee Stadium and begin to wonder if their intervention had the desired effect. It’s only after Butcher returns that he reveals something that no one wants to admit about their involvement in the scheme and their connection to Vought. Something that changes their mission in a way the team is not prepared for. At the same time, Billy has to come to terms with the reality of his domestic situation and what it means for his mission going forward.

The Story: This issue has a better emotional and narrative arc to it. The story makes more sense and feels like its going in a direction that will make it compelling. Everything with Hughie and Annie is great and their dynamic is both tense and real in her responses. The plot has a better balance and Garth Ennis is able to keep the story on an even level that both moves the story along and adds more mystery to it. I am interested in seeing where it goes as well as what happened between Becky and Butcher.

The Art: Russ Braun does a great job with the art in the issue. The story is more character based so the art is geared more towards character and their expressions which Braun does a great job with.

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